Peace Professionalism Project

Creating a global network of peace scholars, practitioners and policy makers

How do peace professionals know whether they possess the skills, competencies and values necessary to be effective in their work? What makes an effective peace worker?

Peace researchers and practitioners increasingly acknowledge the pitfalls of focusing almost exclusively on peace programming and related skills to achieve desired peace outcomes.

The Peace Professionalism Project will create a global network of scholars, researchers and practitioners to explore alternatives to this current model.

PPP is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) through a Partnership Development Grant.

Project Goal and Objectives

Establish a Network

Build a cross-sector and multidiciplinary team to reflect, critique and improve peace practice

Conduct Research

Conduct practical and evaluative research on peace professionalism to increase response capacity and to strengthen curricula in peace, conflict and security studies

Mobilise Knowledge

Establish a forum for knowledge exchange to bridge the research-practice-policy gap in peace interactions

Partners and Collaborators in the Project