Saint Paul University, PI and Director

Philip Onguny is Associate Professor of conflict studies and co-director of the School of Conflict Studies at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. His research focuses on political violence, ethnic conflicts, and peacebuilding in Africa’s Great Lakes region. He is also interested in the politics of international development and humanitarianism, and the role of media in conflict transformation in sub-Saharan Africa.

His work has appeared in both academic and policy journals such as the Canadian Journal of African Studies, Peace & Change Journal, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Global Change, Conflict & Security, The East African Review, and Africa Policy Journal. He also co-edited La Lutte Contre le Terrorisme en Afrique (University of Montreal Press, 2019).

He recently completed a SSHRC-funded project (Insight Development Grant) seeking to develop a comprehensive typology of frames to increase our understanding of the core issues fuelling ethno-political violence and land-based conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project drew from multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork in Kenya.

Philip has been a Carnegie African Diaspora Fellow at the Tangaza University College (Nairobi, Kenya) where he co-developed the curriculum for a BA program in peace and security. He has served as the director of the Conflict Research Centre (CRC) at Saint Paul University, and a board member of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR).