MDR Associates Conflict Resolution Inc., Research Collaborator

Richard Moore started his career as a practicing lawyer in Canada before switching paths for a career as a practitioner and trainer in alternative dispute resolution.

He has conducted situational assessments in many longstanding conflicts and mediated hundreds of difficult situations in such areas as police and emergency services, hospitals and healthcare, indigenous people’s issues, community, human rights, and property disputes.

His experience includes helping introduce mediation programs into the Supreme Courts of Guyana and the Philippines, developing a community mediation program, and providing expert advice to many Canadian conflict management programs.

Richard has taught negotiation and mediation skills to a wide audience including judges, lawyers, social workers, union representatives, human resource professionals, and civil society leaders.

His intensive mediation workshops are highly regarded and approved for professional Chartered Mediator designations issued by the ADR Institute of Canada.

He holds a BA from Carleton University and a law degree from Queen’s University and professional mediator, med-arbitrator, and arbitrator designations from the ADR Institute of Canada Inc.